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Coastal Weeds

Geraldton Carnation Weed, Euphorbia terracina

This is a serious weed of agricultural land, road verges, coastal heath and woodland. It produces a toxic and irritating milky sap when cut so gloves should be worn when handling the plant.

Sea spurge, Euphorbia paralias

Native to western and southern Europe, the sea spurge is now a common weed of coastal dunes and beaches. It flowers from spring to early winter. The plant can be hand pulled, though gloves should be worn due to the irritating sap.

Arum Lily, Zantedeschia aethiopica

Introduced from South Africa as a garden plant, it has since become an established weed. It is found in creeks, ditches and damper areas of the SW area. It often produces large stands, giving almost 100% cover in the worst scenarios. The plant germinates and starts flowering in early winter, then sets seed before dying back in the summer months. The plant spreads rapidly via its seeds which are very palatable to birds and through its vegetative root system.

Control is through the use of chlorsulfuron in winter and spring.

Dune onion weed, Trachyandra divaricata

Native to South Africa, Dune onion weed is often found in dunes and coastal heath along the south west coast. Isolated patches can be manually removed; larger areas can be sprayed with chlorsufuron in winter or spring while the plant is actively growing.

Pyp grass, Erharta villosa

Pyp grass is a perennial grass growing from long runners. Native to South Africa it was originally planted as a dune-stabilising species. It is now a significant threat to sand dune systems in the south west. Selective herbicides are the best option as they remove the weed slowly, allowing other vegetation to take over.

Chemical control should be carried out by a licensed professional. Please contact the CCG office for more information.

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