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CCG launches Fire and Biodiversity Landowner Information Kit

12th Apr 2017

CCG launches Fire and Biodiversity Landowner Information Kit –

At a public seminar on April 6 hosted by Curtin University Sustainability Policy ( CUSP) Institute and Transition Margaret River CCG launched its recently prepared Fire and Biodiversity Landowner Information Kit.

Amongst other presenters focusing on the role of government and community in bush fire management, Drew McKenzie, CCG’s Biodiversity Officer  presented on the newly prepared Landholder Information Kit developed with funding assistance from Lotterywest.

The Information Kit provides landowners with resource information to enable them to make informed decisions about fire and biodiversity issues on their properties.

Electronic copies of the Landowner Information Kit are available by contacting CCG on 9757 2202,  by email at ccg@westnet.com.au or following the link below:

 Fire and Biodiversity Landowner Information Kit

Dr Boyd Wykes, CCG Chair and Drew McKenzie, CCG Biodiversity Officer launch the recently prepared Fire and Biodiversity Landowner Information Kit


An Outline of the Fire and Biodiversity  Information Kit

This Fire and Biodiversity Landholder Information Kit has been prepared to assist land managers, and particularly private landowners with large areas of retained native vegetation, to consider conservation of biodiversity values whilst planning for bushfire risk management on their properties.

The Cape to Cape Catchments Group thanks Lotterywest for funding the preparation of the landholder kit. We have used existing information from government agencies, organisations and experts in the field where available, and prepared specific information sheets to fill the gaps.

The kit focuses on the Margaret River region although much of the background material is based on research conducted over a wider area, and therefore has relevance to much of south-west WA.

Whilst risk management and the protection of people and property drive fire management decisions in large parts of our landscape, we believe that through a greater understanding of fire and biodiversity:

  1. Risk reduction can often be implemented in conjunction with supporting a high level of biodiversity conservation; and
  2. There is excellent opportunity for landholders to make major contributions to maintaining the highly diverse wildlife of our region through their fire management decision by providing for natural habitat that is retained outside Building Protection Zones and Hazard Separation Zones.

This kit is CCG’s first attempt at addressing the challenge of promoting conservation awareness in fire planning at a time when the community is increasingly focused on the risks posed by fire in a drying climate.

There is still much to learn and understand in this field and there are significant differences of opinion within the community and amongst experts on some of the information presented. Our aim is to translate this kit as an on-line resource that will be improved and expanded over time.

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